Work Samples
LandscapeDE LC26000451 Miami, Florida
LandscapeDE is a Miami based landscape architecture and urban design firm established in 2011.  It is dedicated to creating designs that are resilient, connective, and of the highest quality.  We focus on creating places that respond to the needs of users while also supporting a healthy environment for living.  wWe believe that design excellence is based upon constant interchange with clients, architects, planners, consultants, and the diverse stakeholders of each project.  We strive for the highest quality from idea conception to realization.EndFragment
LandscapeDE 4248 SW 62nd Avenue South Miami, Florida P 305-215-9683
Island Marina
SW 50th Pocket Park
Grove at Grand Bay
South Miami Park
Brickell Market
The Putting Club
Sranan Biri
Navy Museum
Meridian Residence
852 Collins
Brickell Bay Park
North Miami
North Bay Road
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South Miami Park will transform a derelict and empty park space into a vibrant community center that holds a multitude of activities for local residents.  Additionally, the park seeks to establish a stronger tie between nature and people by promoting ecological and native planting. Part of the programming includes a connection to an adjacent elementary school. Facilities in the park will allow for teachers to utilize the park for instruction in environmental related topicsEndFragment
Brickell Bay Park was designed, as an answer to the shortage of quality public space is the Brickell neighborhood of Miami.  A little used street along the waterfront, Brickell Bay Drive, would be closed off to traffic and replaced with a waterfront park. The park could feature open recreational spaces, playgrounds, and a small observational pier with a cafe.  The park also captures its own stormwater and filters it in native vegetation wetland gardens before returning it to Brickell BayEndFragment
North Bay Road Residence.  LandscapeDE was hired by Max Strang Architecture to develop the landscape design for a residence in Miami Beach.  The design of the garden focused on providing a variety of spaces for entertaining a large number of guests and also spaces where the owner could relax in privacy.  Planting was selected that characterised native Florida forest hammocks accompanied by tropical accents and color.
852 Collins Avenue is a mixed use development with retail and residential elements planned for Miami Beach. The project is a renovation of an existing historical Art Deco building.  LandscapeDE was hired to work with architecture firm Shulman + Associates to develop a landscape design plan for streetscape and an entry garden into the retail space.  The design concept includes a palm grove, a bromeliad garden, a beach dune garden, and a feature foutain at the entry. 
Sranan Biri is a brewing company located in Suriname. The company was interested in building a new corporate office and brewery.  The architect for the project, Lane Pettigrew Associates hired LandscapeDE to develop a landscape design for their proposed building.  The project scope included the design of a parking lot and its landscape in front of the office. LandscapeDE was also hired to create illustrations showing the architectural design concept. 
Gulfstream. These are images developed for Raymond Jungles, Inc depicting the firm's proposed landscape design at a new restaurant planned at the Bal Harbour Shops in Bal Harbour, Florida.  The images focus on a fountain design developed by Raymond Jungles.  A day and a night illustration were created for the project.
Jade Signature.These are illustrations developed for landscape architecture firm Raymond Jungles Inc. They show a proposed landscape design for the Jade Signature Condominium development in Miami Beach, FL. The architecture design is by Herzog and deMeuron.
Grove at Grand Bay. These illustrations are part of a series of marketing images developed for Raymond Jungles Inc. showing the landscape design for a luxury condominium development to be constructed in Coconut Grove in the City of Miami.  
Navy Museum. These illustrations were developed for Louis Berger, Inc as part of a proposal to repurpose a former Navy Museum in Washington DC, as offices and retail.  The illustrations included two interior scenes and one exterior scene.
Monroe County Justice Center. This is an illustration developed for Louis Berger, Inc.  The image depicts a new governmental building proposed by the client that connects with a previously existing courthouse in Monroe County, Wisconsin. The illustration was a key component of a presentation to the local government officials and the public in Monroe County.EndFragment
Island Marina.  These are a series of images developed for a client showing the client's proposed beach and marina design at the service quarters at a private island in the Bahamas.
Meridian Residence. LandscapeDE is working with Berenblum Busch Architects on a house in Miami Beach. The design of the landscape is defined by a large water body containing vegetated ponds and a natural swimmming pool .  Tall palms and large canopy trees create the sense of the elevated house sitting amongst the treetops.  The design provides a secluded refuge for the owners, and a haven for wildlife in the city
SW 50th Street Pocket Park.  As part of the Miami Foundation’s 2014 Public Space Challenge, LandscapeDE reinvented a remnant public space in South Miami as a new park.  The design was designated 1 of 40 finalists in the competion,  With support from the City of South Miami, LandscapeDE is looking for opportunities to bring the park to life in the near future.
North Miami Downtown Key Developments Plan.  The city of North Miami hired the Corradino Group with LandscapeDE to imagine and illustrate key developments for CIP and private investment in the city’s downtown.  The development concepts included new building proposals, park improvements, redesigned streetscapes, and new gateways and landmarks.
The Putting Club. These illustrations were developed for a rooftop restaurant and miniture golf course proposed atop an existing parking structure in Miami Beach, Florida. LandscapeDE worked with Berenblum Busch Architects in the development of the illustrations.